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Welcome to the QYO online audition application form for 2018 membership.

  1. Please read the detailed audition brochure here.
  2. For orchestra standards, age limits and general information see the orchestra listings.
  3. The closing date for applications was Saturday 5 August 2017 . Late applications are being accepted and a $30 late fee now applies. 
  4. Please include your teacher's contact details and discuss preferences with your teacher to ensure you are applying for the correct orchestra based on the required standards.
  5. The application fee payment can be made by internet bank transfer, or credit card using PayPal.
    A late single audition application fee is $75;  for other family members or a second instrument, the fee is $40. A late family fee is $115 (for 2 or moreapplications within the same family).



Please enter your instrument for audition on the drop down tab below, eg: flute or violin. Please read all audition dates (some are over 2 dates): Saturday 14 October 2017 for Flute, Bassoon, Saxophone, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, Cello, Clarinet, QYO2 Violin, QYO3 Violin, Oboe, French Horn, Percussion and Double Bass; Sunday 15 October 2017 for Viola, Cello, Clarinet, Trumpet, Big Band, JSE Violin, QYO3 Violin and QYS Violin; Monday 16 October 2017 for QYS Violin; If you are not able to attend in person, you may be required to submit an audio recording.



Select your instrument from the menu above. To audition on 2 different instruments (eg. cello & clarinet) or to audition for Big Band and another orchestra, you must submit 2 separate application forms and pay the $85 family fee - one bank transfer is ok (+$30 late fee if necessary). To audition for 2 instruments within the same family (eg. flute &  piccolo), you must submit 2 forms and pay the single $45 fee (+$30 late fee if necessary). More information here.


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The maximum age limit at the end of next year, 31 Dec 2018, for Wind Ensemble is 18 (increased from 17, for JSE is 15, for WS, BB, QYO2 & QYO3 is 23, and QYS is 25 years old.

What will your age be at the end of next year, on 31 Dec 2018? * 



Please nominate preferred orchestra and consider listing a second or additional preferences.  You may not be able to change your preferences once the form is submitted, so please discuss with your teacher first to ensure you are applying for the orchestra/s most suited to your standard. You will need to prepare the musical excerpts provided by QYO which reflect the standard required for the orchestra of your first preference. You will only be considered for the orchestras that you list. Preferences should be listed in order of QYO standard, eg. QYO2 before QYO3. Big Band should be listed as first and only preference and another form submitted if auditioning for another orchestra/ensemble. QYS can only be listed as first preference.

For information about each orchestra, age limits and standards, please click here.

First Orchestra Preference  * 

Secondary Orchestra Preference  (cannot be QYS or Big Band)

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If you know in advance that you are unable to attend an audition in person, you may submit a pre-recorded CD audition. This applies to those living interstate or in regional areas, or away from Brisbane.  Your CD must be received by 4pm, Friday 6 October 2017.

Yes, I will need to audition by CD:

Reason for submitting a pre-recorded CD audition:

Please contact the office to discuss your recorded CD preparation after you have submitted your application. Please find list of audition dates for each instrument here..



If your parent/guardian (or you if you're over 18), can help mark the roll and marshall for 1 to 2 hrs around your audition time (especially brass), please complete details and the office will make contact if you are needed on the volunteer schedule.  Thank you.

Volunteer Name:

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Number of years you have studied your instrument? *  

Approximate AMEB standard at present: *  

Last AMEB (or equivalent eg. Trinity) exam passed: *  

Do you meet the min AMEB standard for your first preference? 

Do you have your own instrument or use of an instrument, for next year? * 

Will you need to borrow any instruments from QYO next year (eg/ bassoon, double bass, bass clarinet)? 



All applicants must be regularly studying with an instrumental music teacher.  QYO recommends you discuss preferences with your music teacher to ensure you are applying for the orchestra/s most suited to your standard.

Teacher's name *   Address

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For which position/s would you like to be considered? 

You need to play excerpts on each instrument at the audition, so which will you play at your audition?

Which do you own, or have use of next year?



For WS or WE applicants, please choose if you would like to be considered for soprano or alto clarinet.

You do not have to play soprano or alto at your audition, unless you can easily access one.



*compulsory fields, so your audition can be scheduled around QYO rehearsals during the audition weekends. If you are in the UQ Orchestra on Sun 15 Oct please email the office asap to avoid a clash of times.

Your current orchestra *     

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Your current position. eg/ Violin 2.6, Cello no 5 * 



If you are in the UQ Orchestra on Sun 15 Oct please email the office asap to avoid a clash of times.

Please list previous orchestral experience (30 words max):

PAYMENT       *compulsory fields

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$75 single audition fee ($45 fee plus $30 late fee)

$40 audition fee by second family member

$40 audition fee on second instrument

$115 family fee for 2 or more family members ($85 fee plus $30 late fee) (or Big Band and orchestra/ensemble). Please make one bank transfer for $85 on first application, then choose $0 on the rest. QYO will match payment to families.

$115 to audition by 1 person on 2 different instruments ($85 fee plus $30 late fee)

If paying $40 or $0, please state name of other family members or other instrument  


Payment option 1:  

Bank transfer from your own internet banking service. Please open your banking website in a separate window, transfer the fee, then enter the receipt number and date below:

Account Name: Queensland Youth Orchestras   BSB: 014245   Account No.: 495031908

Please enter the applicant's name into the reference field so QYO can match up payment to the online application. You should receive a separate confirmation for the online application.

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Credit card one-off payment with PayPal (use existing or new account) here. Please enter receipt number and payment in fields above. 


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Please click the 'submit application' button and you will receive a confirmation email to the address you entered above. If confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours, please email the QYO office on to check if your online application has been received. Your payment is done as a separate transaction above.