Executive Committee (Board)

President: Peter Geroff
Vice-President: John Matthews
Director of Music : John Curro AM MBE
Treasurer: Timothy Kuusik
Secretary: Theo Kotzas
Members: Barbara Tobin
Victoria Whiting
Greg Seeto
Lana Johnston
Matthew Gamer
Nicky Griffith


Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS):  John Curro AM MBE
Queensland Youth Orchestra 2 (QYO2):  Sergei V Korschmin
Queensland Youth Orchestra 3 (QYO3):  Dr Bradley Voltz
Junior String Ensemble (JSE):  Chen Yang
Wind Symphony (WS):  Warwick Potter
Wind Ensemble (WE):  David Law
Big Band (BB):  Rafael Karlen

For biographies of the conductors, please click here.

Administrative Staff

General Manager:  Geoff Rosbrook
Administrator:  Louise Robinson
Assist Administrator: Joumanna Haddad
Marketing Officer:  Naomi O'Reilly
Venue Manager:  Alannah McFadzean

Tutors I Auditioners I Judges I Accompanists

QYO employs over 70 professional musicians each year as tutors, auditioners, judges for the National Youth Concerto Competition and as accompanists for recitals.


QYO has approximately 100 volunteers who assist with orchestral administration, camps, concerts, tours, catering, fundraising or by offering their expertise in specialised areas, eg. IT, graphic design, instrument and equipment maintenance. 

QYO also has opportunities for students who wish to gain experience in arts administration to volunteer their services to QYO as an office volunteer.

Special thanks to our orchestral administration teams for 2017:


Administrator: Alison Holm
Asst Administrator: Lee Mills
Librarian: Victoria Whiting
Stage Manager: Noel Smith
Asst Stage Manager: Tim Goodwin
Asst Stage Manager: Greg Lloyd


Administrator: Nadine Hetherington
Asst Administrator: Brett Hetherington
Librarian: Sue Stevens
Asst Librarian: Liam Hetherington
Stage Manager: Chris Elvin
Stage Manager: Nancy Elvin


Administrator: Kelly Stolz
Librarian: Helen Brasington
Librarian: Maria Carolan
Stage Manager: Shane Kerr
Asst Stage Managers: Dush and Tilly Devendra


Administrator: Sarah Verschoore
Asst Administrator: Brett Hetherington
Librarian: Maria Veneris
Asst Librarian: Donna Jones
Stage Manager: Jeanette Kinloch-Reweti
Asst Stage Manager: Susan Davidson


Administrator: Earl Butterworth
Asst Administrators: Helen and Neil Higgins
Librarian: Rita Buteeva
Asst Librarian: Gretchen Bennett
Stage Manager: Donald Backstrom
Asst Stage Manager: Rob McMillan


Administrator: Elaine Earl
Asst Administrator: Claire Peace
Librarian: Stephanie Jackson
Asst Librarian: Bronwyn Burgess
Stage Manager: Joel Corney
Asst Stage Manager: Nicole McPhee
Asst Stage Manager: Joanne Summers


Administrator: Russell Luhrs
Librarian: Clare Quaglia
Stage Manager: Kevin Walsh

Chamber Music Groups

Co-ordinator: Nicky Griffith