Tutti (Italian word meaning “together”) is the name of QYO’s newsletter, which is now only offered as a digital email resource from 2015.

QYO will email five editions of Tutti, with each issue reaching approximately 2,000 email contacts including QYO orchestra/ensemble members, alumni, audience members, music teachers, sponsors and others that have affiliations with QYO.

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Tutti Newsletter - January 2016

QYO Media


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September 2015

The National Youth Concerto Competition celebrates its 40th year (11 October 2015)

August 2015

The Firebird Concert Review  (22 August 2015)

Sydney born pianist rises to international fame (22 August 2015)

June 2015

London Symphony Concert Review  (30 May 2015)


December 2014

2014 The Prodigy Collective - Festival of Youth Orchestras (3 - 5 December 2014)

November 2014

2014 QYO Finale - Concert Review Patricia Kelly (1 November 2014)

October 2014

2014 NYCC Finals Concert - Review Patricia Kelly (12 October 2014)

August 2014

The Planets - Concert Review Patricia Kelly  (23 August 2014)

June 2014

Media release: Queensland Youth Orchestras Seek Queensland’s Finest Musical Talent

A Master’s Bequest to Young Musicians  (BMag, Chris Herden, June 2014)

May 2014

QYS Illuminations Review (Patricia Kelly, 31 May 2014)

April 2014

Musical Morning Open to All (Westside News, page 46, 9 April 2014)

March 2014

QYS Shostakovich 10 Review (Patricia Kelly, 29 March 2014)

February 2014

Media Release: National Competition Seeks Australia’s Finest Young String Talent  

January 2014

 Low Note for Arts    (City North News, 16 January 2014)

Decades of Playing Beautiful Music Leads to Another String for the Bow   (City North News, 16 January 2014)

Media Release: Electric Violins, a Tuba Superstar and World Premieres: Queensland Youth Symphony Announces 2014 Season


December 2013

Orchestra Funding Cut Shows Newman’s Twisted Priorities    (Office of the Leader of the Opposition, 18 December 2013)

 Queensland Youth Orchestras Face Uncertain Future   (Limelight Magazine, 14 December 2013)

 State Youth Ensemble Faces Funding Crisis  (The Australian, 13 December 2013)

 Queensland Arts Cuts: The Real Story  (ArtsHub, 12 December 2013)

 Australia Wins Test, Kills Orchestra  (Slipped Disc, 10 December, 2013)

November 2013

Musical Maestro Inspires Generations  (Village News (pages 12, 13), November 2013)

Savage Arts Queensland Cuts (ArtsHub, November 2013)

The Planets, Gustav Holst (Wind Symphony, 2013 Finale Concert)

Jeza, Dance for String Orchestra, John Rotar (Junior String Ensemble, 2013 Finale Concert)

Prelude and Farandole from L’Arlesienne, Georges Bizet (Queensland Youth Orchestra 2, 2013 Finale Concert)

William Tell Overture, Rossini  (Queensland Youth Symphony, 2013 Finale Concert)

October 2013 

 Bruch Scottish Fantasy, soloist Josephine Chung  (National Youth Concerto Competition, 13 October 2013)

August 2013 

QYS War Requiem Concert Review (Patricia Kelly, 24 August 2013)

June 2013

QYS Romeo and Juliet Concert Review (4MBS, 1 June 2013)

QYS Romeo and Juliet Concert Review (Suzannah Conway, 1 June 2013)

March 2013

QYS Mahler 5 Concert Review  (Patricia Kelly, 24 March 2013) 


December 2012

Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra & QYS Concert Review (Patricia Kelly, 14 December 2012)

May 2012

Grand Old Dame: Old Museum Building Turns 120  (Courier Mail, May 2012)

QYS Romantic Impressions Review  (Patricia Kelly, 28 May 2012)

QYS Romantic Impressions Review  (Margaret McNamara, 28 May 2012)