• All members must be collected on time after QYO activities and members must wait for collection within the grounds, or allocated areas, of the OMB.  All members must remain within the grounds of the OMB during rehearsals, concerts and tutorials.
  • Members must not lift or move heavy equipment (risers, multiple chairs, percussion) where there is a risk of injury. Where doubt exists about safe limits, members must first consult official volunteers or office staff.
  • QYO encourages and assists musicians to prevent hearing loss caused by too much loud sound exposure. QYO’s rehearsal spaces at the Old Museum incorporate acoustic dampening features such as sound absorptive panels and curtains. QYO has risers to ensure that most brass and woodwind players direct their instruments above the heads of other musicians. QYO owns acoustic shields and ear plugs, available for use during rehearsals, tutorials and concerts to reduce exposure to loud noise.
  • Members must not leave cases or other items in front of fire exits or in pathways leading to fire exits. A fire exit is easily identified by the green “EXIT” sign above the doorway.
  • The Department of Housing and Public Works continues to perform maintenance works at the OMB. All building users and visitors must follow safety instructions communicated through signage, emails and verbal instructions from staff.