2019 Membership Acceptance Form 

2019 Membership Acceptance Form 

Queensland Youth Orchestra

To accept your offer to join QYO, this form must be completed, with payment of deposit or full fees, and submitted online to QYO by Thursday 6 December 2018.  

  • Please see www.qyo.org.au for membership information.
  • Payment of deposit or full membership fees can be made by internet bank transfer, or credit card using Stripe.

This section is for a Member who auditioned in the new year to fill a vacancy, and is joining after the official membership form closing dates have passed.  Please complete all sections (except camp if you are joining QYS or BB) and refer to the office emails about membership fees payment.  Augmenting players for orchestras should complete all sections (and camp if applicable) and no payment is required.  

Your first and last names will appear in concert programs and membership documents. Please list alternate or preferred first name if you have one. 

The maximum age limit at 31 Dec 2019, for Wind Ensemble is 18, for JSE is 15, for WS, BB, QYO2 & QYO3 is 23, and for QYS is 25 years old.  For information about each orchestra, age limits and standards, click here.

You will receive emails for the following:

  • Confirmation of this online membership acceptance form
  • Notification of rehearsals, schedules and auditions 
  • Information regarding concerts, auditions, camps and Tutti newsletter

Parent/guardian details are for contact in case of emergency. Under the QYO Constitution, one parent/guardian of a Performer Member aged under 18 is registered as an Associate Member with voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. The first parent/guardian (listed below) of a Performer Member aged under 18  will automatically become an Associate Member.

First parent / guardian details 

Second parent / guardian details 


If you have been offered a Reserve position (on the waiting list) as well as an offer to join as a Performer Member, you need to respond to the Reserve offer separately by emailing auditions@qyo.org.au.

If you have been offered two positions in two orchestras, permission must be granted from both conductors and then two membership forms must be submitted.  QYS and QYO2 members are not allowed to join a second orchestra, except Big Band. 

MUSIC CAMPS: Members of QYO2, QYO3, JSE, WS & WE attend a weekend music camp in February or March each year.  The camp starts late Friday late afternoon and ends Sunday early afternoon.  It comprises rehearsals and tutorials and some recreational activities.  The cost is included in the annual fee, and covers accommodation, meals, tutorials, rehearsals and bus transport (no bus for JSE).  Administrators will survey members prior to camp to confirm bus numbers.  QYS has a series of tutorials throughout the year instead of a weekend music camp.  

2019 music camp details:
Fri 1 to Sun 3 Feb 2019      QYO2 camp at Luther Heights, Coolum   lutherheights.org.au

Fri 8 to Sun 10 Feb 2019    JSE camp at QCCC Brookfield  qccc.com.au
Fri 8 to Sun 10 Feb 2019    QYO3 camp at QCCC Tamborine   qccc.com.au
Fri 8 to Sun 10 Feb 2019    WE camp at Luther Heights, Coolum   lutherheights.org.au 
Fri 1 to Sun 3 Mar 2019      WS camp Luther Heights, Coolum   lutherheights.org.au

More detailed information will be sent by mid January.  Those unable to attend the camp are eligible for a refund of $110.  If you know now that you cannot attend, please submit this form and pay the deposit only, then contact accounts@qyo.org.au to arrange a deduction on the invoice for balance of fees.  Or, please email QYO for a refund.   


QYO relies on parent volunteers for various tasks, if you are able to help please select below.


All members must be studying on a regular basis with an instrumental music teacher.  


CTRL+Click to select multiple values.

The annual membership fee includes music camps for QYO2, QYO3, WS, WE & JSE, uniform hire fees for QYS & JSE, all tutorials and free download of concert recordings from the website. WS fees include $15 entry fee for National Band Championships.
                                                 First family     2nd+ member family  
QYO2, QYO3, JSE & WE                 $640            $560 
WS                                               $655            $575
QYS                                              $570            $490 
Big Band                                       $520            $440 

Full payment or deposit is due with this form, by Thursday 6 December 2018.  The balance of fees is due by 18 January 2019.  For scholarships & bursaries visit www.qyo.org.au


Bank transfer from your own internet banking service. Please open your banking website in a separate window to transfer the fee.

Account Name: Queensland Youth Orchestras ANZ Bank   

BSB: 014245   Account No.: 495031908

Please enter the member's name and orchestra into the reference field, and complete payment receipt number or upload a receipt.

Secure Payment Secure credit card payment via Stripe.


Please click the 'submit application' button and you will receive a confirmation email to the addresses for
the member and first parent/guardian. If confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours, please email the QYO office on auditions@qyo.org.au. You will receive more information about camps, rehearsals and concerts by mid January.