Regional Tour Blog 10: Last day of tour



Blog 10

10: Last day of tour

Today was the least anticipated day of tour – the last day! We checked out of our motels for the final time of the tour. Then we hopped onto the bus to make our way to Townsville Grammar School.

As soon as we arrived at Townsville Grammar School we jumped straight into workshops with local musicians. We broke up into four groups – a wind orchestra, beginner, intermediate and advanced strings. These workshops were entirely led by our musicians who did an exceptional job!!

We all had a break to get some food into us - we had pizza! Then we performed a concert with the groups to showcase to the musician’s parents. It was definitely apparent that the musicians loved working with us and had learned a lot!

After this QYO put on our last concert of the tour. We performed selections of John Rotar’s Suite for Chamber Orchestra, played Hoedown, Beethoven Symphony No. 8 and Nina, Andre and Liam performed as soloists.

After the concert, we packed up and loaded the truck with Noel for the last time. Then we all went and explored Townsville and grabbed some dinner before heading to the airport to catch our flight home.

Thank you to all the orchestra members, conductor Sergei Korschmin, soloists Nina, Liam, Andre and Josh, tour staff Geoff, Joumanna, Noel and Tuan, for all your great performances, hard work and assistance during the 9-day tour.

 A big thank you to our tour sponsors and partners, including major sponsors Arts Queensland, Peabody Australia and Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

We are looking forward to our next (short) regional tour on 26 July for the Queensland Music Festival’s Opera at Jimbour.