Regional Tour Blog 2: Regional Tour Begins



Blog 2

2: Regional tour begins

We have arrived in Bowen, ready for a week of touring and performing in North Queensland’s regional communities.

Our day started off with most of us meeting at the Old Museum to take a bus to the airport. After some quick outfit adjustments due to the sudden Brisbane heat, we all piled onto the bus to make our flight to Proserpine.

Once we arrived at the airport we had a bit of time on our hands so we all went and grabbed a bite to eat. Before we knew it, it was time to board our flight so we all tried to eat the rest of our food swiftly whilst we tried to make our way to our flight on time.

We flew into Proserpine and were greeted by beautiful sunset views over the countryside as we travelled to Bowen on the bus. 

After checking into our accommodation, we went and sorted out our breakfast for the next few days. Our stage manager Noel Smith had portioned out our cereals, yoghurt, bread and milk into our room groups so that we could just wake up and make our breakfast on our own accord.

After we collected our bags of breakfast we walked down the road to a delicious dinner at the local Thai restaurant. We were all tired after dinner, and so although it was only 9pm we settled in for the night after a long day of travelling.

day 1 dinner.jpg
day 1 dinner 2.jpg

Tomorrow will be our first concert and workshop for the tour, taking place at Bowen State High School. We will participate in a workshop with local students, and then present a concert at the school. We will then travel to Mackay for a short string workshop that evening. It is going to be very enjoyable workshopping with the young musicians and hopefully we will be able to inspire them quite a lot.