Regional Tour Blog 6: Nebo concert



Blog 6

6: Nebo concert and travel

Today we all woke up early and met outside the motel. It was finally time to say goodbye to Mackay. Although we had a great time we were all exhausted from the concert on Tuesday, so the bus ride to Nebo was very quiet.

Not long after, we arrived at Nebo Memorial Hall. There was a playground right next door, so inevitably we had to go exercise for a while and wake up.

After a brief rehearsal we were joined by local primary school students from three different schools! We all did demonstrations of our instruments and as usual, everyone was baffled by the bassoon. Throughout the tour, all our instruments have been renamed by primary school students. The bassoons became didgeridoos, the clarinets were whistles and the piccolo was a tiny clarinet. Sergei explained to all the kids how people came to the city, chopped down all the trees and made a nice woodwind section. He then exposed the flute for being the only instrument in the woodwind section not made of wood. The kids also loved the double basses, which Sergei introduced as “the smallest instrument in the orchestra”.

We played a movement of John Rotar’s piece, and John told the kids a story about the piece, called ‘How the tiger got his stripes’. We also played the Overture of Barber of Seville, and then Sergei selected some students from the audience to conduct Hoe-Down. All the young conductors had very interesting interpretations of the tempo, however the orchestra had a lot of fun. We finished the concert with ‘I Feel Pretty’ from Westside Story. Afterwards we all went outside to enjoy some Subway sandwiches, and then we got back on the bus to head to Moranbah. No one could stop singing ‘I Feel Pretty’ and we seriously considered putting a ban on singing it in bus rides because its been stuck in our heads for days.

The ride to Moranbah felt shorter than it was, because those of us who weren’t taking a nap were playing charades in the back of the bus. None of us were good at it but we laughed a lot, although it was a bit scary how many animals we weren’t able to imitate because we had never heard of them. Once in Moranbah, we unloaded our luggage and the over 18’s checked into the motel, while the under 18’s were picked up by their new billet families. Overall it was a pretty relaxed day, but it was necessary to recover our energy for Thursday’s concerts.