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Auditions for 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I have to prepare for an audition?

- orchestral excerpts, from www.qyo.org.au  
- own-choice piece, 1 to 2 minutes length (may not be heard)

How do I prepare?

If possible, ask your teacher for assistance. Use a metronome for correct tempo and understand the musical terms. Try to demonstrate the musical or technical concepts. If possible, listen to recordings of the excerpts, as most are available on the internet.

How long are auditions?

Each audition is 3-4 minutes duration. You can warm-up for 5-10 minutes prior at the audition venue.

Do I need to prepare excerpts for all my orchestra preferences?

You only prepare the excerpts for the orchestra you listed as your first preference, which is stated on your letter.

What happens on the day of the audition?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your time, to allow for parking, registration and warm-up.  A team of volunteers assist staff in marshalling. You will share a warm-up room with 2-3 other applicants. You will then wait outside the audition room until you are called to audition. 

What do I wear?

It is recommended that you wear neat casual clothes so you look presentable, and to bring a jacket in case the weather turns cool.

Can I change my audition date or time?

It is generally not possible to change your audition time due to the large number of applicants and limited booking times and dates of the panel and the venues. If you have extenuating circumstances, or if you are sick with a doctor's certificate, please contact the office.  You may have to submit a pre-recorded audition, if you know in advance that you cannot attend the allocated date or time as printed in the audition brochure or letter. 

Do current members re-audition each year?

Yes. All positions are filled for each new year. Current players' positions may change from year to year as they progress at their own pace. There will be those who will benefit from continuing with their current ensemble and some who are ready to face the challenges of another ensemble.   

How do the panel assess each audition?

-  musical style, accuracy of performance and following the directions of the music
-  general intonation, rhythm, dynamics and tone production
-  staccato, spiccato & sautille bowings for strings /   legato & tonguing for wind and brass
-  performance of own choice piece, 1-2 minutes length (may not be heard)
-  conductors' comments on orchestral skills & attendance, for ongoing members

Do auditions run on time?

Yes, generally auditions run on time. Applicants must be on time and sign-in correctly, to avoid delays. Due to the large number of applicants, it is difficult to have your audition at the exact time allocated on your letter. It is usually within 5-10 minutes. 

Is there parking at both venues?

Yes, at Brisbane Grammar School and the Old Museum Building, there is parking in the front car park and on the street. Please read the directions on your letter and allow enough time to find the venue and parking. Maps are provided on www.qyo.org.au

Are AMEB exam grades taken into consideration?

No. The AMEB grades are cited as a reference point only, to guide players in their choice of orchestra ensemble preferences. Exam level or results are not taken into consideration and applicants do not have to have completed AMEB exams to apply.

Why does it take so long for results to come out?

QYO has a small number of staff and volunteers to check, process, print and administer results, reserves and forms for the mailout.  It takes many weeks for this process to be done correctly. You can read the QYO processes & policies document for more information.