Photos from Bamberg, Germany

Photos from Bamberg, Germany

The final stop and final performance for the 2017 Queensland Youth Symphony.

"The QYS International Tour 2017 is done and dusted. Half of the contingent arrived back in Brisbane at midnight on Monday, home safe and well, the other half will be in Tuesday at midnight!

It was a real joy travelling with this wonderful band of young musicians from QYO. They are so positive, fun, caring and supportive. Their love for each other, as they shared the experiences of our tour through Macau, China & Germany, through many adventures has grown.

Thanks to our inspiring maestro John Curro for leading us through 12 successful concerts to cheering audiences over 3 weeks on the other side of the world! I am proud and honoured for having small part conducting QYS in several concerts. Thanks guys! I thought we did some fine, electrifying Rimsky-Korsakov." - Chen Yang, Assistant Conductor

"Dear QYS, you guys have  been an absolutely amazing and inspiring lot to tour and make music with. I’m always mesmerised by our outstanding concerts and the countless beautiful souls in the orchestra! Thanks for the amazing memories" - Linley Chai, Principal Harp

"And that's a wrap! My last QYS concert ever, in Bamberg! What an unforgettable concert. It has been a wonderful five years leading the section, and I look forward to the years to come playing in orchestras with my friends!" - Samuel Dickenson, Principal Double Bass

"It's quite surreal being at home again after spending the last three weeks visiting and performing in some of the most amazing places around the world. I'm not sure I have the words to do justice to the experience, but it is something I will treasure for the rest of my life and definitely the highlight of my musical career so far." - Gabrielle Knight, Oboe