Orchestral Risers for sale

Queensland Youth Orchestras is selling a set of orchestral risers which has been used for weekly rehearsals of orchestras and concert bands in Studio 2 of the Old Museum Building for over 10 years, and continue to be used here at present.

They consist of (photos below, some are in storage):

18 @ 2m X 1m X 0.6m

10 @ 2m X 1m X 0.45m

4 @ 2m x 1m X 0.3m

1 @ 1m X 1m X 0.45m

1 @ 1m X 1m X 0.3m

The weight of each 2m X 1m riser is approximately 48kg.

We are selling these for $55 each for 2m x 1m and $44 for 1m x 1m, including GST.

If you are interested, please contact Joumanna Haddad at QYO on 3257 3028 or joumanna@qyo.org.au: