Our 2018 Volunteers

Our 2018 Volunteers

Thank you to our wonderful team of orchestra/ensemble volunteers in 2018:

Mike Bernays - Administrator
Jane Bernays - Asst Administrator
Victoria Whiting - Librarian
Noel Smith - Stage Manager
Tim Goodwin - Stage Manager
with assistance from Greg Lloyd, Chris & Nancy Elvin

Bronwyn Burgess - Administrator
Lynne Shepherd - Librarian
Donna Jones - Asst Librarian
Frank Dwyer - Stage Manager

Kelly Stolz - Administrator
Maria Carolan - Librarian
Leigh Ellen Potter - Librarian
Shane Kerr - Stage Manager
Dush & Tilly Devendra - Asst Stage Managers

Phil Boyce - Administrator
Sherrie Blundell - Asst Administrator
Maria Veneris - Librarian
Sharon Baird - Asst Librarian
Chris Reus-Smit & Heather Rae - Stage Managers

Earl Butterworth - Administrator
Helen & Neil Higgins - Asst Administrators
Lisa Heard - Librarian
Debby Howse - Librarian
Gretchen Bennett - Asst Librarian

Elaine Earl - Administrator
Claire Peace - Asst Administrator
Georgia Peace - Librarian
Helen Daniels - Asst Librarian
Joel Corney - Stage Manager
Nicole McPhee - Asst Stage Manager

Russell Luhrs - Administrator
Leanne Parrott - Librarian
Kevin Parrott - Stage Manager

Olga Lipsky - Librarian
Nicky Griffith - Chamber Music Coordinator


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact geoff@qyo.org.au